Poeteen is an organization by and for teenagers in the Portland metro area. Our mission is both to spark a poetry revolution in teenagers by connecting them through the medium of poetry, and to have teenagers do charitable work by bringing poetry to those who do not have the means or ability to access it themselves.

Poetry should be an accessible and passionate pursuit for any teen who finds a calling to it. We want to help teens find that calling, and we want those who have found the deep pleasures and pains lying within the folds of a poem to spread the revolution by introducing it to more of their peers. 


Each month, a group of Poeteen volunteers will lead a poetry workshop at a local youth shelter. We will study the art of poetry at these meetings by sharing some of our favorite poems and discussing them, finding new poems to analyze, holding free-writes and other collaborative writing exercises. These workshops are meant to teach fellow teens about how to write poetry, as well as spark creative juices. Materials are provided to students.

In June, Poeteen holds a poetry reading/open mic for all participants of the past school year.

At Poeteen, we want to expose teenagers to poetry who haven’t studied it much before, and for teens who already have a passion for it to continue exploring their potential. 


High school students volunteer to lead workshops at various shelters in the Portland area, including New Avenues for Youth. The goal is to have teens teaching depressed or at risk youth about poetry and helping them realize the healing qualities poetry holds. We are actively working on expanding to more similar programs.


Poeteen was founded in 2015 by Sophia Mautz, a then junior at Lincoln High School. Sophia found poetry at a very early stage in her life, but never fully appreciated all aspects of it until high school. In high school, she realized how healing poetry could be. It helped her through the turbulent times of being a teenager, and allowed her to hold onto the beautiful parts of life. Poetry helped her in ways she can't even begin to name. She founded a poetry club at her school to connect her peers with poetry, but the turnout was not fantastic. More and more Sophia realized that poetry seemed to be a dying art among today's youth. So, she decided to start an organization that would not only revive the life of poetry among teens, but also have teenagers help their peers by introducing them to poetry and allowing them to experience its healing qualities. 


Email us at poeteenpdx@gmail.com!

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 A recent Poeteen workshop at New Avenues for Youth

A recent Poeteen workshop at New Avenues for Youth