Poeteen Teaming up with Camions of Care

Poeteen Executive Director Sophia Mautz wrote this poem about women's menstruation in a collaborative effort to partner with Camions of Care, a 501(c)(3) non profit that provides menstrual hygiene products to homeless women! This poem will be read at Camions of Care's "Period Prom" on June 1st. Using the power of poetry to empower women and destigmatize periods!

to all the menstruating sisters

so it is our river you’ve come to bathe in.

narrow islets part like a thin bird spreading its wings

the channel is open, the deep earth is open.

come out.


this fluid magnetism considers nothing

as it spills over edges, seeps into cracks, stains everything

with its glittering presence.


so it was this red river

that wound its way between our legs

that has given us release.


like clockwork

you stood at the sink husking summer corn

shedding the feeble green leaves as one must

to reach the golden ears.


    like shedding the endometrium

    that has thickened with our life’s blood

        plush and awaiting

the release of the luminous egg.


so we grow anew. we dig our hands into the earth

and labor, plant.


a thousand poppies have crushed themselves,

pressed their thin silks together until

there were no more boundaries,

and floated through us.


our bodies are slick with the juices of the strawberry,

the apple, the pomegranate,

the red soil, coppery and unapologetic,

this inevitable ritual.


to be in the female body is to be

a ripe fruit, tough and tender;

to be in the female body is to be

as strong as the red poppies that push

their heads out from under the deep earth’s core,

year after year after year–


to be in the female body is to be

the most divine natural force in the world.